Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding Weekend

My cousin is getting married this weekend, so I'm off to Philly this morning to begin the bridal party festivities. My cousin is a totally smitty and has been working herself to the bone on all the little details for the big event. I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

I also can't wait to:

  • eat breakfast at a nasty, old roadside restaurant in central PA with my parents this morning (greasy spoon breakfast--ROCK!).
  • get manis and pedis with my girl cousins this afternoon.
  • wear my favorite Betty Draper dress to the rehearsal dinner tonight.
  • spend some quality time with my cousins who live too far away (we grew up in the same town and, being an only child, they were like my I miss them a lot!).
  • play make-up artist and do my aunt's make-up for the wedding.
  • (hopefully) not look like a fool in my bridesmaid dress.
  • drink a whiskey with my dad and hubby at the reception.
  • drag my hubby out on the dance floor at the reception.
  • have brunch with my whole family on Sunday morning.

How about you?

p.s. This picture is a little teaser for a quick DIY I threw together last night. I'm so uncrafty, but am so, so psyched about how this project turned out. I'll have all the details next week!

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