Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pet Peeve: Too Decorated

On Tumblr the question was raised about whether or not this room is too "manicured" and "boring." I have to say I think it is. I like a room to look put together, but lived in. Decorated, but authentic. I recently visited a friend whose home is lovely, but it looks like a West Elm catalog…very "trendy," very bamboo floors, very chocolate brown.* I kept wondering why I didn't like it and asking myself, “Is there such a thing as being too decorated?” My resounding answer was, “YES!”

My house is far from perfect, but I think anyone who comes into it can immediately get a sense of how we live, our tastes and hobbies…who we ARE. I’ll take a flea market tchotchke over a perfectly-styled Pottery Barn vignette anyday.

Let me say, however, that I lovelovelove this shade of marigold yellow with the white and pops of celery.

*Please note that in small doses, I have nothing against any of these things and actually quite enjoy the West Elm catalog. ;)

(via Love Puppy; originally published on Sassy in Trousers, 8.11.09)

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