Monday, September 28, 2009

Stitch and Bitch

Every now and again when I need a good laugh and/or am feeling like I want to pretend that I'm crafty, I head to Subversive Cross Stitch. Something about the sweetness of a cross-stitched sampler juxtaposed against those hilarious, naughty sentiments lifts my spirits every time. I'm thinking about finally ordering a kit this year to help keep me occupied during the long winter months.

I recently came across these samplers on Tumblr, which have inspired me even more. Although the sentiments are a bit nicer than a Subversive sampler, I still love how unexpected they are:

All this thinking about needlework reminded me of how I've always wanted to order a shirt from Locher's (talk about an awesome combination of sweet + naughty embroidery!). Lo and behold--they are having a sale! I think this top finally has to be mine:

(via Audrey Hepburn Complex, Like Neely O'Hara, Locher's)

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