Monday, November 30, 2009

She Who Hesitates, Loses Cute Shoes

I've mentioned in the past my running list of shoes that I revisit on Amazon and various other sites. Well, I just scrolled through it thinking that a new pair of kicks might brighten my week and stumbled across this gorgeous navy Wallaby from BCBG MaxAzria. I coveted them all last winter, but refused to pay full price...and now they are sold out in my size!!! What's the opposite of buyer's remorse--because that's what I'm feeling!

When making a purchase, how do you decide when to splurge and when to wait?

Blue Monday: I'm Blue

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has returned safely from their Thanksgiving travels!

I had a whole different Blue Monday post queued up, but I'm feeling blue/anxious/impatient today in anticipation of having two surgical procedures this week (tomorrow and Friday), and this picture is helping take me to a more Zen place. I hope it helps you get centered, too, after a weekend full of crazy family antics, too many carbs, and shopping!

Stay tuned this week for the start of my weekly holiday giveaways, my take on how to dress like Elizabeth Shue in Adventures in Babysitting, the hubby's awesome recipe for spinach stuffed shells, and more! xo

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Give Stella & Dot for Christmas...20% off!

Since I began selling Stella & Dot last year, I have inevitably ended up giving all my favorite ladies jewelry for Christmas/birthdays/etc. It's a win-win: they love it, and it's super easy for me. Plus, S&D has so many lovely things for under $40, that it makes giving a really nice piece of jewelry a really affordable gift!

Here are a few of my favorites to give for Christmas this year:

The Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet ($29)...for your best friend who's obsessed with Grace Kelly.

The Adrienne Chain Earrings ($39)...for your glam/rock best friend (fyi...I got these back in August and have barely taken them off since--they are so fun and add just the right amount of edge to any look).

The Bloom Flower Brooch ($29)...for your sweet mother--it will remind her of pins her mom used to wear.

The Charlize Teardrop Earrings ($34)...for your artsy/craftsy sister-in-law--she'll knit a scarf to match!

Need more gift inspiration? For the month of December I'm offering all my readers 20% off their Stella & Dot order! Head on over to my site, then e-mail me once you've decided on what you'd like to purchase. Hope this helps to make your shopping a little bit easier!

Foxy Friday

Here's to hoping this guy didn't serve up your Thanksgiving turkey yesterday--YIKES!!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Midweek MidCentury: Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner

I think this collage by Angelica Paez has got it right: why eat the turkeys for dinner when you can just hang out with them?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, ladies! I'm so thankful for all of you reading this blog...I so appreciate your sweet comments, as it's nice to know someone else is interested in the same silly things that I am. I will be back on Friday with more inanity for your enjoyment! 'Til then I wish you much love and pumpkin pie!!! xoxoxo

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She's Cool...

...and she's cool...

...and she's cool...

...and she's cool...

...and she's really, really cool....

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Squirrels are Awesome

Think Jonathan Adler had made the acquaintance of this little albino squirrel before designing his adorable ring box?

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LBD Love

I was so inspired by yesterday's post about pilgrim shoes, that I thought I'd take the idea one step further for this week's LBD Love and put together a little storyboard of my ideal Thanksgiving look. As is often the case for me, the shoes were the starting point; I then searched Anthropologie (of course!), Old Soul, New Heart, and Stella & Dot to create an outfit that captures that perfect blend of modern and vintage that I love so well.

As for the LBD...isn't that little white collar the sweetest? Although, it clearly evoked a "modern pilgrim" vibe for me, like any LBD I could see this dress taken in so many directions--chic mod with a sleek cropped leather jacket, stack of neon bangles and flat patent boots or sexy librarian with a vintage cameo brooch, fishnets, and peeptoe Mary Janes. How would you style up this classic sheath?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Come on Pilgrim

What are you planning to wear for Thanksgiving? Wouldn't a pair of pilgrim-inspired shoes be perfect?

I found all of these on Etsy and love the idea of pairing them with a '60s sheath or mini-skirt and turtleneck for a Mayflower-meets-Dark Shadows kind of a look.

'80s Dress

About six weeks ago I came across an amazing dress from the '80s in one of our local vintage stores, Petrune. The combination of cornflower blue and coral was so striking and the silk fabric so luxurious, that I just couldn't leave it there...particularly after I tried it on with one of the handmade felt belts they are now carrying.

I've been so excited to wear this ensemble so I could share it with you, but haven't had any opportunity that felt special enough to warrant such a spectacular dress--until last Friday night. I thought Anthony Bourdain and dinner at Good Luck were definitely worth dressing up for! Sadly, we didn't take a photo until after dinner and apparently the Negroni I had completely went to my head, because in every photo, I'm making a wonky face and my belt is all disheveled (the hubby needs to learn to be a better stylist!).

Believe it or not, this is the best picture we got, but you can still get the idea. I mean, isn't that an amazing color combo? To tone it down a bit, I paired the dress with all black--an ancient velvet blazer from Old Navy, tights, slouchy suede boots, a vintage crocheted clutch from the '40s--and a vintage brooch and Stella & Dot earrings.

Here's a close-up of the inverted pleats on the puffy sleeves (and also a close-up of the Negroni starting to work its magic...note the glassy eyes!).

I'm just so in love with this dress! I think it's one of those very unique pieces that will hold a very special place in my wardrobe for a long time to come.

Blue Monday: Window Seat

After our whirlwind weekend (which was AMAZING, fyi, but we didn't get home until 2:30 this morning), I'd love to spend today curled up on this gorgeous blue-cushioned window seat with many cups of cocoa, a stack of holiday catalogs, a copy of Her Fearful Symmetry, and Zelda at my feet.

Alas...I'm at my desk. At the office. Sigh....

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Friday, November 20, 2009

One Trick Pony

Wednesday was the first time I wore this little vintage jacket. It's one of those pieces that is almost too pretty to wear--pristine cream wool, amazing fringe-y twine (yep, twine) trim. When I initially bought it, I thought I'd go monochromatic and wear it over a plain camel wool mini-dress or a camel turtleneck, but in actuality, that looks really boring. I really like how this printed cami looks with it, but I hate having a piece I can only wear one way.

What else would you put with this jacket?

Foxy Friday

I am so excited I can hardly focus this morning. Tonight, the hubby and I are going to see the silver fox--as I call him (okay, I actually just came up with that, but it's apropos nonetheless, isn't it?)--Anthony Bourdain, speak in Rochester. Reading Kitchen Confidential many years ago rekindled my interest in all things culinary in a major way, so despite our extreme philosophical differences regarding meat, I respect this man so much (plus, as I already mentioned, I think he's a total hottie).

Our weekend agenda also includes post-Tony drinks and snacks at Good Luck (count me in for a Corpse Reviver (sounds scary, huh?) and the roasted beet tart!), finding the earliest possible matinee of New Moon on Saturday (only Tony would keep me from going tonight), spending Saturday afternoon and Sunday with my best friend from college and her two little boys in Buffalo, and finally going to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's tour-ending show on Sunday night.

Whew! It's a full (but fun!) one! What have you got planned?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Beaujolais Day!!!

It's Beaujolais Day, a holiday I've come to eagerly await each and every third Thursday in November. Although I've gone on to drink heartier red wines, I have a real soft spot for Beaujolais Nouveau as it was the very first red wine I ever had...I was at the hubby's parents' house (and, like many, they are big fans of the Georges Duboeuf) and felt tres chic, merci beaucoup. Beaujolais Nouveau is a great place for the wine novice to start, and since I still consider myself a wine novice, I like that this fruity, light wine has a freshness that you just don't experience with a lot of reds, a quality that makes it very drinkable and enjoyable with a variety of foods.

I think it's fun that a lot of restaurants and small wine merchants hold parties to celebrate Beaujolais Day. We've been to one at one of our favorite restaurants, Just a Taste, and here we are two years ago after we went to another at Paris while we were in Vegas.

Anyone holding a Beaujolais Day party by you? If not, do what I'm going to do...stop by your favorite wine store and pick up a bottle, go home and put on your favorite striped tee and ballet flats, serve up the runny, gooey, yummy cheese of your choice, and enjoy!

J. Jill...really?!

This is going to be a very picture-heavy post could not decide which of these adorable shoes from J. Jill to feature. They are all so lovely, simple, classic, special, and modern (see...I'm so giddy that I can't even choose an adjective!!!).

There are few things I love more than a wedge, and these are just so pretty. I think they'd look equally good with either skinny jeans or a cocktail dress (which makes them a necessity, don't you think?).

Oh my...sigh. I can't even write about this pair. I'm head over heels.

These have a slight orthopedic-vibe, but I've already confessed that I'm kind of into that. I can't decide if I like them better in the bone...

or the black (which means I probably need both, don't you think? lol)

A classic skimmer in gray suede. My ultimate shoe...

but then again, there's this little gray Mary Jane....

If there's something I love almost as much as a wedge, it's a Wallabee-style shoe. These feel a little sleeker than the classic Clarks and that aubergine color is just gorgeous.

Hey, Santa...head on over to J. Jill, 'kay?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Midweek MidCentury: Divided Bedrooms

I have been obsessed with this bedroom since it was posted on Retro Renovation several weeks ago. Part of it is the unusual color scheme and accent walls (I'm a sucker for an accent wall), along with that basket of knitting in the foreground of the photo (even the yarn matches the decor!). But more it's the clever use of space created by that faux wall. I mean, who wouldn't love to have a mini-bar/dressing area hidden behind their bed?

Here's a great modern bedroom with the same idea. I love the bookshelves and that graphic wallpaper. No mini-bar, though. That's too bad....

(via Retro Renovation and Booklover)

Mission Accomplished!

Remember this outfit and how I said I was on a mission to recreate it? Well, after a few months of scouring the Internet, my local vintage shops, etc., etc., all the pieces finally came together yesterday on my interpretation of this look.

As it turned out, the only two pieces I needed to buy were the skirt and the jacket. I had purchased the blouse on sale at Gap back in the spring, bought the shoes last fall, and have had the jewelry for years and years. I found the skirt (it's the same one from American Apparel that she's wearing) right after my quest began. The tough part was the jacket. I scored this one two weekends ago at an estate sale for only $2 and couldn't wait to get it dry cleaned because I knew it was the final piece to this outfit's puzzle!

When I put the whole thing on yesterday morning, I was thrilled with the result. My look is a little more structured than the inspiration outfit, but I really like how the architectural jacket plays off the softness of the ruffled blouse and shirred jersey skirt.

The only thing I'd change/add is perhaps one additional non-blue or -taupe accessory because the color scheme feels a little flat to me. I tried putting on a neckerchief, but felt like it was too much going on with the ruffled bib of my blouse. I think a brown-ish belt will be just the ticket!

What do you think of my recreation? Do you like my take on her super cute look?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Banner

How cute is this Thankgiving banner? Go check out this super easy how-to tutorial over on Delightful Dwelling. I love paper crafts and think even the self-proclaimed non-crafters among us (by which I mean me) could handle this one!

(via Delightful Dwelling)

Have you tried...?

Have you tried Icelandic yogurt? I just came across it at the grocery store on Sunday. I was intrigued by the flavor selection, so I decided to give it a try. (I mean, have you ever heard of grapefruit-flavored yogurt? Me either.)

Despite being shocked and appalled at the checkout counter by the price ($2.59 for a 6 oz. container--I usually make my own yogurt, so that really seemed like a lot), I'll be getting it again.

The texture is amazing (much thicker, creamier and denser than even Greek yogurt), it's naturally fat free, and you get 16 grams of protein in one little container! Check it out.

LBD Love

I fell in love with the sheerness and smocked detailing of this Collette Dinnigan shift as soon as I saw this picture back in September. I'd like to add a black silk slip, then toughen it up with some embellished flat sandals, lots of long silver necklaces and a stack of chunky silver bangles.

Several weeks later, when I came upon this photo on LOOKBOOK, I was struck by how this girl's dress has a similar feel to the Collette Dinnigan dress (and I lovelovelove the addition of the cognac belt and booties).

A black sheer dress is now firmly at the top of my spring wish list.

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Monday, November 16, 2009


We bought our first clementines of the season last weekend, and I cannot stop eating them.

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Shoe of the Day

For as long as I can remember I've had a shoe crush on creepers. Something about that thick crepe sole and pointy toe makes my heart skip a beat. I find them totally charming on boys (I prefer them with too-short, black Dickies), but--as with so many things--I think they look even better on a girl. The girl who dares tackle a shoe as serious as creepers has, in my opinion, confidently honed her style because these shoes are, undoubtedly, A LOOK. This girl has got it right: ankle length pants, simple tee, tough hair and accessories. I've got tons of sartorial envy right now.

But for those of us who don't dare tackle a real creeper, there are lots of options right now to make this look more approachable. Why not get a pair of men's vintage shoes, particularly two-toned, crepe-soled oxfords from the '40s? (When searching just make sure the toe is more pointed than rounded.) I also think a lot of women's shoes from the late '80s or early '90s have a creeper-ish feel, especially with a buckled strap.

Feeling like you want your creepers more inspired than literal? Check out these booties from 3.1. Phillip Lim and Emma Cook for TopShop.

Or how about a creeperish sandal from Deena and Ozzy?

(via Aristobrat, Sabino, ShoeLust, and Clever Nettle)
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