Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Beaujolais Day!!!

It's Beaujolais Day, a holiday I've come to eagerly await each and every third Thursday in November. Although I've gone on to drink heartier red wines, I have a real soft spot for Beaujolais Nouveau as it was the very first red wine I ever had...I was at the hubby's parents' house (and, like many, they are big fans of the Georges Duboeuf) and felt tres chic, merci beaucoup. Beaujolais Nouveau is a great place for the wine novice to start, and since I still consider myself a wine novice, I like that this fruity, light wine has a freshness that you just don't experience with a lot of reds, a quality that makes it very drinkable and enjoyable with a variety of foods.

I think it's fun that a lot of restaurants and small wine merchants hold parties to celebrate Beaujolais Day. We've been to one at one of our favorite restaurants, Just a Taste, and here we are two years ago after we went to another at Paris while we were in Vegas.

Anyone holding a Beaujolais Day party by you? If not, do what I'm going to do...stop by your favorite wine store and pick up a bottle, go home and put on your favorite striped tee and ballet flats, serve up the runny, gooey, yummy cheese of your choice, and enjoy!

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  1. I love Beaujolais Nouveau! We won't be holding a party, but I think I'll bring a bottle to a dinner party we're going to tomorrow night.


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