Friday, November 6, 2009

Date Night - UPDATE

The hubby and I aren't big on dates. We started out as friends, which was great, but it meant we sort of skipped over the whole "date" part of the relationship. That said, every now and again we feel the need to have an official "date night" versus just a regular "go out to dinner" or "go to a move" kind of an evening.

So tomorrow night is a date night, and we're going to our fave restaurant, Hazelnut Kitchen, then going to see The Box (and can I say how excited I am to see Cameron Diaz's late '70s/early '80s wardrobing?! I mean look at the knot on that scarf and those curls! Is that not awesome?!?!).

The big dilemma, though, is what I'm going to order for dinner. I mean, check out these options:
  • puréed honeynut squash soup with madras curry & coconut milk
  • frisee salad with dijon vinaigrette, bacon (I'd leave this off, of course), croutons, shallots & poached farm egg
  • warm red cabbage salad with blue cheese, heirloom apples, toasted walnuts & cider vinaigrette
  • lively run goat cheese & potato gnocchi with roast sweet potatoes, chestnuts & sage brown butter
  • caramelized onion tart with adirondack blue potato & celeriac hash, riesling butter, petite green salad
And on top of that, as a special, they'll have at least one AMAZING vegetarian option for the first and second courses to befuddle me even more!

I already know I'm having the Lively Run goat cheese cheesecake with lemon curd & autumn raspberry coulis for dessert (all my Golden Girls watching has left me with a hankering for cheese cake!). But I'm at a loss for everything else.

What would you choose? Any fun plans for the weekend?

So after reading multiple bad reviews, we didn't go see The Box afterall, but instead watched The September Issue (hubby's pick--isn't he great?!). Wow. I'm not a Vogue fan (I'm a Bazaar girl), but I still enjoyed this flick immensely--and now get why everyone has been swooning over Grace Coddington lately. She ROCKS! I've still got no love for Anna, though.

Oh--and as for dinner...I ordered the warm cabbage salad to start, the gnocchi for my entree, and a big glass of Pinot Blanc. To. Die. For. Sadly, I was too full for the cheesecake!!!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!


  1. Any of these sound delicious, though the warm cabbage one might be my pick... Have you ever been to the Moosewood Restaurant? My mom has their cookbook and I love their recipes. I want to visit someday, when I'm in NY...

  2. I never realised how many gorgeous vegetarian dishes you could get - I'm thinking about trying a non-meat diet very soon, if you have any tips for me let me know!

  3. The first option sounds great, but then again, with so many great choices available, i would surely have a tough time deciding!

    Hope you had a great date night!

  4. Awww what a cute idea! get the tart!

    cute blog, following...


  5. Hope you had a great time on date night :)


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