Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last year I came across a story about this awesome new line of bags, called Nana, that are handmade by a cool girl named Sally who lives in South Carolina. I immediately fell in love and contacted Sally about selling some of the bags and at few of my Stella & Dot trunk shows. I thought the funky, vintage-y styling of the bags would perfectly complement Stella & Dot, and I was right.

Since then, Nana has become such a success for Sally that she is working on the line full-time and is expanding Nana to include more items, like adorable little aprons. Don't you love hearing success stories like that?

Here I am last Saturday night with my Casey clutch. I use it every opportunity I can, and when I carry it I find myself unable to stop staring at its crazy pink barkcloth and cheery ribbon trim.


  1. wow I love the bright pink top! It really pops!

  2. I checked out the Nana bags - so adorable! Have fun at Anthony Bourdain! I had the pleasure of awestruck gazing at him across the crowded room at the Capital Food Fight last night! He's so dreamy :)

  3. Oh man, that pink blouse is so stunning. It's the most perfect shade of pink ever!


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