Friday, November 6, 2009

Foxy Friday

This week's Foxy Friday is very bitterly brought to you by GapKids' recent collaboration with Stella McCartney. I say bitterly because I lovelovelove everything and wonder whywhywhy Gap can't make many of these same items in adult sizes?

I'd wear any of this...


The distress of not getting to wear these clothes myself (or having a little one to dress in them!) is slightly eased by all the amazing photos of the kids with the animals in the lookbook on fave, of course, being the fox!


  1. Super cute! Although I'm not sure I like the thought of little kids going around looking more stylish than me!

  2. I love Stella! She was so inspiring when I was in school...I love her kids line at the gap (too bad I don't have children yet-ha!)

    Happy Sunday,


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