Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Monday: Cobalt Kicks

I have a pair of peacock blue suede Marc Jacobs flats that I practically worship (found at TJ Maxx no less!!!), along with my beloved navy suede Sam Edelman pumps. But these ladies make me think I need a pair of blue shoes with a little more electricity!

Happy Monday!

(via LOOKBOOK, Altamira NYC, and Preppy with a Twist)


  1. Agreed. A little cobalt blue really spices up any outfit without being too obvious

    Especially in shoes :)

    Could I ask a huge favour?

    I've JUST started, so if you could check out my blog, I'd be totally grateful.

  2. i ADORE your outfit! it could not be any cuter. your bright blue shoes are perfect- i like them more than the ones in the other two pics (though it does not hurt to have multiple bright blue shoes of course :). your polka dot jackets is great too! ~joelle

  3. thanks for the shoutout! bright, crazy shoes always make me happy, especially when they're blue, my favorite color!

  4. Marc Jacobs at TJ Maxx??? So jealous! I bet they are amazing :)


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