Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Remember this outfit and how I said I was on a mission to recreate it? Well, after a few months of scouring the Internet, my local vintage shops, etc., etc., all the pieces finally came together yesterday on my interpretation of this look.

As it turned out, the only two pieces I needed to buy were the skirt and the jacket. I had purchased the blouse on sale at Gap back in the spring, bought the shoes last fall, and have had the jewelry for years and years. I found the skirt (it's the same one from American Apparel that she's wearing) right after my quest began. The tough part was the jacket. I scored this one two weekends ago at an estate sale for only $2 and couldn't wait to get it dry cleaned because I knew it was the final piece to this outfit's puzzle!

When I put the whole thing on yesterday morning, I was thrilled with the result. My look is a little more structured than the inspiration outfit, but I really like how the architectural jacket plays off the softness of the ruffled blouse and shirred jersey skirt.

The only thing I'd change/add is perhaps one additional non-blue or -taupe accessory because the color scheme feels a little flat to me. I tried putting on a neckerchief, but felt like it was too much going on with the ruffled bib of my blouse. I think a brown-ish belt will be just the ticket!

What do you think of my recreation? Do you like my take on her super cute look?



  1. Super cute!! love the original and your recreation!!! :) Good work!


  2. I love, love it! great score on the jacket - it looks amazing and i LOVE the structured look of it - works perfectly with the rest of your outfit. i like the ruffles better than the scarf; it adds a more feminine flair. fantastic job!


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