Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Honeycomb Thanksgiving

Today's picks for some cute Thanksgiving decor from Etsy are near and dear to my heart. My mom had some of these honeycomb decorations when I was little. I specifically remember the excitement of when I was finally old enough to insert the die-cut feathers into the honeycomb tail of the turkey. I thought he was just marvelous!

I didn't find any honeycomb turkeys on Etsy, but this scarecrow is way too cute.

My mom had a pumpkin similar to this one, but hers had fancy die-cut leaves and vines that surrounded it. It might be fun to order this one and do my best Martha Stewart cutting out some pretty leaves to spruce it up.

On second thought...maybe I'll just search Ebay for the Hallmark pumpkin my mom had!

(via Marie'sVintage and Yapping Cat Studio)

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