Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch Phrases I Have Loved: My Hair is Bangin'

Does anyone else remember that Bravo show featuring Jonathan Antin, Blow Out? It was so horribly delightful that we tuned in each and every week for both seasons (I'm not proud, I'm just trying to keep it real). Anyhoooo...there was an episode in (I think) Season 1 where Jonathan looked in the mirror and proclaimed to himself, in all seriousness, that his hair was "bangin'." Once our hilarity died down, we immediately adopted this phrase as our own. I'm embarrassed to admit how much we still use it ("Babe--your hair is BANGIN'!!!").

I bring this up only to share that today, dear readers, my hair is bangin'. Why is it always bangin' on the day you're going to call for a hair appointment? It's a cruel trick because tomorrow it will be as limp and bedraggled as it was yesterday, but today it's perfect. Oh trickster, you.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I used to be so addicted to this you said it was horribly delightful! He had so many of the most ridiculous and hilarious anger outbursts! This was my go-to procrastination show!

    I shipped your jacket today (well, my husband physically shipped it, but you get the idea)! I hope you love it! I would have kept it for myself if it was a tad smaller, so I hope it works marvelously as maternity wear in the future!

    Thank you for all of your well wishes! You are so sweet! :)


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