Thursday, September 17, 2009


I don't do animal prints. It's one of my hard-and-fast fashion rules. I love that look on other people, but it just doesn't work for me. But this Spiegel jacket (I KNOW! SPIEGEL!) just popped up on my Yahoo! sidebar and made me go "hmmmmmmm...." I've been reading What is Reality Anyway? and think I'm getting inspired by Krystal's awesomeness, because I'm picturing it thrown over my studded jeans and red-and-white striped sailor tee, then topped off with lots of gold chains and a pair of moccasins. What do you think--should I go for it?

Do you ever break your fashion rules? If so, do you regret it later or learn to love something that pushes your limits a little?


  1. I say go for it, that jacket is hot! I just bought some skinny jeans today, which I swore I would never do, so I'm not sure how I'll feel about them yet. I think it's good to shake it up & push your limits sometimes, otherwise you get into a rut. Go for the risk!

  2. ahhh I completly feel the same way....I don't do animal prints either. I love them, just feel like I couldn't pull them off. But then again, I have been thinking more and more about trying it. So I say go for!!! Some of my favorite outfits have been when I tried something different or outside of my comfort zone!!!

  3. thanks for your input, ladies. i still haven't made the purchase, but i've gone back to look at this jacket multiple times. i'll let you know if i pull the trigger!


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