Monday, September 21, 2009

Orchards and Whales and Zeppoles--OH MY!

It was such an amazing weekend here in Upstate NY that I just have to share some snaps with you. We really had two of the most lovely days ever, which meant instead of staying inside and doing all the housework I said I was going to do on Friday, the hubby, Zelda and I were out and about, visiting Little Tree Orchards on Saturday, where we picked Macoun apples and ate fresh apple cider doughnuts (sadly, we forgot the camera because it was totally gorgeous and the doughnut machine needed to be seen to be believed!) and heading to Syracuse on Sunday to poke around at the CNY Regional Market.

And I do mean "poke around." I'm an intrepid flea market shopper, but this place was overwhelming, with many of the vendors simply setting out box after box after box of unknown junk for you to explore. Case in point:

I managed to find one really cool black and white wing-tip golf shoe in this box. I dared not look for its mate.

Although I think it will take a couple of visits for us to get into a good junking routine, we did come home with a few treasures, like this cutie:

I've been eyeing up some vintage brass figurines on Etsy for a while and was so psyched to score a mini-Moby for only $3! He came home with a few friends, and I'll be sharing how I put them to work over the next couple of weeks.

We also stumbled upon an Italian festival in downtown Syracuse. As far as we're concerned, Italian festivals = awesome food, and this one didn't disappont. The highlight? This incredible Zeppole:

The texture was so light and the filling had just a hint of lemon. YUM! (And despite how it looks, I did share with the hubby--I swear!)

After stuffing ourselves on rigatoni with vodka sauce (me) and fried meatballs and rice balls (the hubby), we watched Bocce and listened to a really terrible cover band...and someone maybe even napped a little:

It was really perfect. That's the only word for it. These are the days that will get me through living here come January and February and March and April when it's really just miserable (that's the only word for it...).


  1. Min-Moby is a steal. I'm going to have to work harder at flea market scoring...

  2. Isn't he? It was love at first sight! I still haven't decided just the right place for him.


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