Thursday, September 3, 2009

It’s FRIDAY! We have NOTHING to do this weekend, which doesn’t happen very often. Plus, it’s supposed to be rainy.
Therefore, I’m hoping to:
  • fight off some sinus/allergy issues by drinking lots and lots of green tea kombucha, nettie-potting, resting, and watching lots of Dark Shadows.
  • see the Trumansburg Fair parade.
  • (finally) go see Time Traveler’s Wife.
  • hold my bff’s new baby as much as possible.
  • plan menus and go grocery shopping.
  • make the hubby a playlist since he’s grossly out of touch with the current music scene.
  • catch up on e-mail and phone calls (I’m always sorely behind).

Doesn’t that sound gloriously boring?!?! What will you be up to?

p.s. I MUST have these shoes. If you know where to find them, clue me in, pretty please.

(via SHOELUST; originally published on Sassy in Trousers, 8.28.09)

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