Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding DIY

I'm so not a crafty girl. I want to be a crafty girl, but my desire to make every detail come out perfectly keeps me from delving into anything more complicated that knitting a simple scarf or the easiest of painting projects. That said, I can brandish a hot glue gun like pro, and I put my mad glue glun skills to work last week to whip up a super cute hair doodad to wear in my cousin's wedding this past Saturday.

Because I'm even less of a fancy-up-'do girl than I am a crafty girl, I was stressing last week as my cousin's wedding was quickly approaching, knowing I was going to be the only bridesmaid who wasn't having her hair "done." In a panic, I quickly ran to the mall on my lunch break last Thursday and gathered the following supplies: a branch of green orchids from A.C. Moore (cost: $3.99 + tax) and a majorly tacky hair clip from Claire's (cost: on clearance for $1.43 + tax).

That night, in less than five minutes, I took some wire cutters and clipped one large and one medium bloom from the stem of flowers. I nestled the two together with the top of the blossoms facing out so I could bury the cut ends under the petals, then I hot glued them together. I took some scissors and cut the unfortunate bow from the hair clip; I then coated the length of the clip with glue, centered the blossoms on the clip, and applied even pressure on the flowers until the glue started to harden.

The result was this simple-yet-chic doodad that made me feel "done" (well, that and a little teasing and hairspray by my mom) and added just the right splash of color (and matched our bouquets perfectly, too!).

So while the other bridesmaids spent close to $80 and almost three hours getting their hair done, I spent under $6 and had time to chill out with my other cousin and adorable her daughters. Score another one for the DIYers!

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