Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Faves of 2009

So I've been listening to the Top 25 Albums of 2009 on Pitchfork.com, and it inspired me to share a rundown of some of my own top picks from last year, spanning from music to movies to shoes I bought. Here we go...

Song: Spaceman, The Killers - Great lyrics, wacko video featuring a super cute lead singer, catchy melody. Works for me!
Honorable mention: anything by Gaga; Empire State of Mind, by Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys

Movie: Watchmen
Honorable mention: Star Trek - Now you all know what a sci-fi nerd I am!!!

Shoes: Dolce Vita wedges - I've already expressed my love for these shoes here and here. There's nothing more to say really. My best purchase of the year.
Honorable mention: Corso Como Key sandal

Album: New Moon Soundtrack - I know this seems like a dorky choice, but seriously, the line-up of bands on this album is insane. And I love how dreamy and melancholy the mix is--it totally fit my mood this fall.
Honorable mention: It's Not You, It's Me, Lily Allen; The Blueprint 3, Jay Z; The Resistance, Muse

Accessory: the hair bow
Honorable mention: the hair bow - That's how much I love it!

TV show: How I Met Your Mother - Although this show has been out for several years, we didn't discover it until last January, when we spent the entire first eight days of the new year slamming the first four seasons on DVD. Barney Stinson rocks.
Honorable mention: Golden Girls - Another non-2009 debut, but as I mentioned in a few posts last fall, we spent a lot of time since September escaping to Miami Beach circa 1987, so I couldn't leave it out!; V

Food: scallops - I decided in the spring to try eating seafood again after about seven years, and for some reason I decided to start with scallops even though I had never eaten them before. Seth grilled them for my birthday, and it was love at first bite! But the maple bourbon seared scallops we made in the fall really look my love to a whole new level.
Honorable mention: celeriac - Terrifying to look at, but totally worth getting past the fear.

Book: Time Traveler's Wife - I don't typically read "new releases," hence why I just got around to reading this book last summer. Definitely in my top 5 faves EVER.
Honorable mention: The Historian - The Dracula saga revisited and beautifully written--what's not to love?

What were your favorite things of 2009?


  1. Empire State of Mind, hair bows and those wedges? You and I must be sisters! :) You have fabulous taste! But I already knew that.

  2. twilight soundtrack, yes please. and i love a hair bow :)


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