Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team Conan

Ahem...(stepping up on soapbox)

Just to go on record, the Brahler household is staunchly a member of Team Conan. I hate Hollywood anyway, and the longer this silliness goes on, the more incensed I get. I don't understand how someone as smart, funny, and downright nice as Conan can get shafted so badly. Is there no justice in that God-forsaken town?

(stepping off of soapbox)

(via fanpop!)


  1. Poor Conan, He's getting booted... hopefully not?

    check out my blog!

  2. ME TOO! I NEVER saw the appeal in Leno - SO not funny.

  3. I am totally team Conan too!!!He helped me through many late nights in undergrad and grad school!!

  4. I'm not taking teams because I just don't care enough but I really do find the whole situation unfortunate and unnecessary. Very disappointing.


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