Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guest Post from the Hubby: Alternatives to the Big Game

The wife is a little under the weather this week, so this is the first time I get to directly talk to the fabulous readers of Shell.

Super Bowl weekend is approaching fast. And I do enjoy the game, but mostly because it is a good excuse to eat something naughty. If it weren’t for the bad food, I probably wouldn't care about the event. I am not a football fan; my sports-love is baseball.

I’m going out on the limb and assuming the majority of you readers are not counting down the days until Super Bowl whatever-number-it-is. (What the heck is up with the Roman numerals anyway?) So while the rest of the country is watching the big game, this is your shot at bucking the system.

Here are three suggestions for Super Bowl alternatives:

1. Organize your makeup kit. Once a year, take out your cosmetic bags, sit in front of the TV, and organize your makeup during the game. In fact, my family actually calls Super Bowl Sunday "Tackle Box Sunday," because for years our tradition has been that my dad and I organize our tackle boxes and my mom and sister do the same with their makeup. Of course, it's essential that you take a break when the commercials come on so you don’t miss out on the water cooler talk on Monday. Make it an annual tradition…it’s a new year, time to get rid of the old and make some room for the new (except you, Rebekah. You have enough makeup. You don’t need to wear it anyway).

2. Buy stuff on eBay. At least 90 million people will be watching the game. Less bidders means better deals.

3. Go out to dinner. Every area has a few restaurants that usually require reservations many days in advance. This is the one time where you can get in (provided they do not have a TV).

What ever you do, have fun...and drink a beer and eat some nachos for me, okay?


  1. Great suggestions!!! Please tell Rebekah I hope she feels much better soon, and that you are doing a fabulous job :-)

  2. Don't forget to watch Puppy Bowl!!!


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