Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dino Jr.

DINOSAUR JR. IS COMING TO MY TOWN TONIGHT!!! I'm really excited--can you tell?!?! I've never seen them, so this is huge for me (for some reason I feel the need to see all my favorite bands live, at least once). The hubby saw them at one of the early (i.e., REAL) Lollapaloozas, and I now sleep in the Dino Jr. t-shirt he got there (What can I say? He prefers rock tees to lingerie! HA!).

This band has so many positive associations for me, not the least of which being all the times they were featured in Sassy. Anyone else remember the awesome pix of them at the Museum of Natural History next to...you guessed it: the dinosaurs?! Oh Sassy--you were so cheeky! The magazine world hasn't been the same without you!

Hmmmm...I think my weekend plans now include putting on my purple Doc Martens and pulling out all the issues Sassy I saved from high school.


  1. Have a great freaking time - are we stil gonna post swap? Been workin on my gnr one. ;)

  2. Holy balls I LOVE Dino Jr.!! One of my faves. Have a blast!

  3. i've never heard of dino jr. which is clearly a problem because i really want the tshirt :) i have a strange soft spot for the prehistoric creatures, what can i say... hope it was fun!


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