Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LBD Love

It's still snowing and still freezing cold, so you can bet that I wish I were wearing this breezy little eyelet LBD today instead of the layers of sweater tights, wool dress, velvet blazer, etc., etc., I'm wearing instead...sigh....

That said, JetBlue is have its big winter sale right now--$109 flights to Bermuda!!!--so maybe I'll be baring some skin sooner than I think! Check it out!

(via Like Neely O'Hara)


  1. Oh I love that dress! Those sleeves are so cute. Oh bare skin. Will it ever be warm enough to show you again?!

  2. Great pic! And I love the dress <3

  3. I love that dress! and that haircut.
    Although I think I had that haircut circa 1998 and it looked a lot less cute on me than it does on that model.

  4. book book book!

    she is gorgeous. i saw her in a grocery shop near where I work once - 6pm on a Monday evening, I had my hair scraped back and ready to schlep home. she was wearing leopard print and chanel and looked amazing. harumph.

  5. I want it to be summer so I can look as adorable as her! So so so so cute!


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