Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Monday: Kitchen Blues

1. I wish I ever looked half this cute in the kitchen. Somehow my nasty, stained apron doesn't look nearly as chic as this cobalt suit (HA!).

2. I'm in a total cooking funk right now. Nothing sounds good, and moreover, I'm bored with all my recipes anyway. Does this ever happen to you? What inspires you in the kitchen?

(via Like Neely O'Hara)


  1. 1) shes freakin adorable and 2) takeout inspires me. ha, i'm not really allowed in the kitchen but i think i'm having Z make goat cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breast with creamy polenta for dinner, yum!

  2. I definitely don't look like that in the kitchen! lol!!

    I just started planning my meals out which helps a TON. But when I am in a cooking funk, I head to and browse, browse, browse :)

    If you're looking for some recipes...I've tried out two that I absolutely love!

  3. I am definitely NEVER this cute in the kitchen....I wish I was, but I am definitely not! I normally put on my pjs or sweats to cook. I am terribly messy in the kitchen! sister-in-law has been visiting, and we are both choco-holics. We went by whole foods and grabbed some Odwalla chocolate smoothies per your recommendations! Delicious!

  4. I'm in a total kitchen funk too! I need to start going through all of my Clean Eating magazines, that usually inspires me to make something new.

    And no, I'm never that cute in the kitchen. I wish people did dress up more like they used to for every day stuff, I think you feel so much better when you're looking good!

  5. i most definitely don't look that cute in the kitchen either! i sure wish i did.

    i get into cooking funks all the time- it's something i'm just not very good at, though i wish i was. i just got a new easy recipe from a friend that came out great though- you cook a box of pasta (i used shells), then toss it with red sauce and put it in a casserole dish. spread alfredo sauce over the top of the pasta, then cover the top of that with slices of provolone cheese. bake covered with foil for about 20 minutes, then uncovered for another 20 or so (till the top is golden brown). it was so tasty! and since i used sauces from the grocery store, very easy. ~joelle

  6. I think cookbooks with pictures inspire me. I hate cookbooks that don't have pictures. I guess I'm just a visual person. Maybe go to epicurious and pick some recipes with good-looking photos?

  7. I really really want to look like this all the time. How amazing is her hair?!? Total girl crush.


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