Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This month's reads...

Since the spring I have been formulating a very exciting plan for my October reading agenda, which is to read only books that are Dracula-related. This plan has been mainly fueled by the release of the Dracula sequel, written by Bram's grandson, on October 13, but in fact I have been amassing stories about Vlad for quite some time. Somehow I feel like reading about Dracula is far more dignified than reading about the Cullens or Stefan and Damon, but these stories will still feed my bloodlust in a spooky, Halloweenish way.

In case you'd like to read along, here's my syllabus:
(Please note that I had also picked up Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula earlier in the summer, but I was impatient and had to read it as soon as I brought it home!)

(via Dee Adams)


  1. i love that idea, so fun to have a theme! :)

  2. haha how scary ! ;))


  3. Very cool! I ...ahem... may have read Twilight (shut.up.), and I love Anne Rice's vampires, but need to look into Dracula for sure!!


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