Friday, October 23, 2009

Foxy Friday

Coming up with a Halloween costume hasn't really been on my radar screen because I didn't think we'd have an opportunity to dress up this year. But now we're going to a Halloween bonfire tomorrow night (so fun!), which will require us to both be in costume and be bundled up.

I wish I had a foxy mask like the one on the right. I'm sure I could build a warm, cute costume around it!

Are you thinking about your Halloween costume?


  1. I have this amazing leather mask I found that I'm wearing; sounds gross but it's not! It's Italian crafted and fits just the top half of the face, with elaborate swirls and cut out designs. I have zero idea what to wear on my body, however!!!

  2. oooooo...sounds very cirque du soleil!!! go with a unitard! ;)


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