Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seafaring Sweater

As the weather has gotten a bit chilly here in Ithaca (they are predicting snow for later today and again on Friday!) (and just to clarify, that was an exclamation point denoting horror, not excitement), I've been pulling out all our cold-weather gear. Despite the fact that our dog Zelda is a Tibetan Terrier, and therefore innately intended for cold weather, I think she's ridiculously cute in a sweater and force her to wear one. Sadly, the pink argyle number I bought for her as a puppy has seen its better days. That said, she's not really a pink, frou-frou kind of a girl, and finding a classy, well-priced dog sweater since Isaac is no longer designing for Target isn't an easy task.

So after much research, I think this Sailor's Knot sweater from Mascot will be just perfect for Zelda, since she is quite the seafaring dog. It's normally $60, but I found it for $19.99!

And, in case you're wondering, the matching collars are to die for. That may be a splurge item for next summer.

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