Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midweek MidCentury: Rec Room

I woke up Sunday morning having had the most vivid dream that we finished off our basement. I could see the whole thing in the minutest of detail. Understand that even though this is a project I've been dreaming of (but not quite so literally!) since we moved into our house and had actually roughed out a floor plan, decor scheme, etc., last winter, this dream was still a huge flash of inspiration. I want it done NOW and wish that we would win the lottery or something so that it could happen!

Although I'm envisioning our rec room done in a combination of grays, whites, and yellows, and feel most positive that we wouldn't be adding a barbeque grill (!), I still couldn't resist sharing these images of 1950s rec rooms:

The last is undoubtedly my favorite, being the seafaring girl that I am. One of my favorite things about midcentury decor is how they went all in for a theme, and these pictures capture that aesthetic perfectly.

(via Library Fashionista)

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