Monday, December 28, 2009

White (belated) Christmas + Holiday Giveaway #4 Winner

Well, we didn't have a white Christmas, but we woke up today to about 4" of snow and more to come all week. It's so pretty out. I really wanted to stay home and play with the hubby (who gets this week off from work), but alas I'm at the office.

I hope everyone had a lovely, lovely holiday. We settled back in at home last night after our travels and promptly put two of our new Christmas gifts to work: a rice cooker and a juicer. I was feeling a little under-the-weather, so the hubby made my favorite cashew chicken recipe, with the most perfect, fluffy jasmine rice, and threw together an orange-carrot-ginger juice for me. Isn't he a love?

I hope Santa brought just what you wanted this year. I didn't really ask for anything, and I ended up getting so many things that I LOVE!!! My favorites are definitely a vintage seahorse pin with a jade belly and real film stills from Rear Window from the hubby; this adorable cardigan (who knew Chadwick's had such cute things? And for such a great price!), a print of a pretty Cape Cod porch, and awesome slippers from my parents; a second pair of my all-time favorite shoes (in black this time) and the aforementioned juicer from my in-laws; and some personalized stationary from Pink Loves Brown from the sis-in-law and her hubby. What were your favorite gifts?

And in other holiday business, the winner of my fourth and final holiday giveaway is:

Mariel of Preppy with a Twist

I still haven't heard from some of the other giveaway winners, so if you won, please send me your address so I can get your prizes off to you!

(via JAM 2.0)

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  1. sounds like you had a very merry Christmas indeed! i hope you are feeling better! the bf got me shoes i had been lusting over for months - they finally went on sale! (pics on my blog of course)


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