Thursday, December 17, 2009

Late to the Party

As is often the case with super-trendy items, I am frequently late to the party. Often my initial reaction to [insert trendy item here] is, "Ugh! That's everywhere! No way am I wearing that!!!" But there have been a few occasions when I've finally come around, seen the error of my ways and bought said super-trendy item.

Such is my current situation with leggings. When the trend hit--what 18 months ago?--I was all, " way! I wore leggings the first time around, circa junior high dances in 1990. I will not wear them again at 32!!!" But this fall, as I've begun to deeply appreciate clothes that stretch, my opinion of leggings has softened, and I started looking for a pair back in September or October.

But let me just say: If you have an inseam longer than 29" (mine is a whopping 34"), it's very hard to find a legging that isn't going to look like a capri and doesn't cost a lot. And I'm sorry...I'm really not ready to go there.

Here's where Newport News comes to the rescue with their new legging shop. They have 15 different styles, ranging from an awesome sequined style to a leather legging. Most are really reasonable ($19), and many come in three lengths--including a long that, weighing in at 31 1/2", will even accommodate my ridiculous inseam!

I'm torn between the snakeskin pair at the top, which would make me feel like the lovely E. over at District of Chic, or this basic black pair. Which would you choose?


  1. I love snakeskin print! But I say buy both. Hehe.

  2. I get the same way with trends.. it usually takes me a least a few times seeing it around to really even start thinking about jumping on that wagon. Anyways, I am loving the legging look and I love the snakeskin ones. They would look great on you!


  3. I totally feel the same way about leggings... And being tall myself, I also hate how most fall at capri length. However, I do feel like we are cheating oursleves out of comfort by rejecting leggings so perhaps I will try again this winter with boots and as long as the bum is covered...know what I mean?


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