Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh, Kate Spade!

Words cannot express how much I'd like to wear this top to the one-and-only holiday party we have this year. However, considering I'm on a strict budget and--on top of that--almost $600 was stolen out of my bank account yesterday via fraudulent charges made with my check card (thank goodness I'm done with my Christmas shopping!!!), this beautiful blouse will remain firmly on my wish list.

p.s. I guess I'm in a very pink mood today, considering my earlier post, my attraction to this shirt, and the fact that I'm also wearing a pink dress. Do you ever find yourself only having eyes for one color?


  1. It's cute! Kind of like a really sexy clown. I bet you could make it! Sew some colorful ruffles on a t-shirt you get at Target for like $6. I bet you could come up with one even cuter!

  2. It is so cute!! I love the sweatshop's idea: I think you could totally make this! That would be so perfect...not to mention economical. Ooh I love it!!


    P.S. Sorry to hear about your bank card. I hope everything gets straighten out soon and you get your money back ASAP.

  3. lol...YES! it is exactly like a sexy clown!

    thanks, amy...i filed a claims dispute form yesterday, but they can't give me any sense of when i'll get my money. UGH! ;)

  4. Very fun! I may try to make this too! Although I may end up looking like a regular clown instead of the sexy kind:)

    Hope everything gets fixed with your bank card, that really stinks.


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