Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas (and Happy Hanukkah), baby!

This weekend is all about babies for me. Tonight we are babysitting my bff's little 3-month-old son, and we're so, so excited! It's been a long time since either of us has done any babysitting, so it'll be an adventure (no pun intended...okay, maybe just a little!). (Man...I apologize for all the references to that movie lately!)

On Sunday, I am attending a baby shower for another friend, which means tomorrow I need to do some shopping for a gift. I'm so lame in that I give everyone the same baby gift: a pair of Robeez (I'm obsessed!), a children's book, and a little something special for the mother-to-be (usually one of these Stella & Dot necklaces). I never shop off the person's registry, which I'm starting to feel guilty about. I feel like it's rude or something. What do you do--shop off registries or get creative?

I hope you all have festive weekends planned! An extra special wish for a Happy Hanukkah to anyone observing that lovely holiday! Check back Monday for Holiday Giveaway #3 (I'm super, super excited about this one!!!) and a few of my favorite dip recipes to help you figure out what to bring to all those holiday parties next weekend. xo



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  2. Ohhhh what a fun baby-filled weekend!! I might have to steel that idea for Robeez! I have never heard of them before! I clicked over to their website....those tiny little mary janes are just too adorable!

    BTW....I don't think you look at all like Carol Brady in the picture below! Love that shift dress!

  3. Baby shoes and baby clothes in general are the most fun thing to shop for. Paris had the most adorable (and expensive) baby clothes I've ever seen and I always wish I had someone to shop for while I was there.


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