Thursday, May 27, 2010

DVF does sequins right

I tend to shy away from sequins because they are one of those things that always make me feel uncomfortable. I'm not sure why, because I love them on other people. Plus, they are innately shiny and gaudy, and I innately love both of those things!

That said, these two DVF toppers that went on Bluefly yesterday, could make me change my mind (of course, I'm sure I'll have LOTS of occasion to wear sequins while chasing after the twins, don't you...?).

Is this jacket too Liza Minelli or just too awesome? I can't decide!

The shape of this little floral cocoon feels very 1920s to me. I'd go all Daisy Buchanan and wear it over a tiered lace dress with some t-strap sandals and loads of pearls.


  1. DVF? Nobody does it like DLR! (David Lee Roth)

  2. Lawks, they're both beautiful. I definitely don't think you'd channel Liza in that, but it did make me laugh!


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