Monday, May 3, 2010

Belly Update: 23 weeks and counting...

Ever wondered what approximately 24 inches and 2.5 pounds of babies looks like?!

Vintage jacket - 1918 Vintage
Wife beater - stolen from the hubby
Jeans - H&M maternity
Turquoise and brass necklace - Stella & Dot
Turquoise enamel bracelet and ring - vintage

Wow. I've made it through 23.5 weeks, ladies!

We were at a little party on Saturday afternoon and someone asked me if I was enjoying being pregnant. My honest response was simply that I feel unbelievably blessed and thankful to be having this experience after thinking for so long that I wouldn't get to, but that no, "enjoy" is not exactly a word I would marry with "pregnancy." I'm totally jealous of those women who love, love, love being pregnant!

That said, my love for these little guys seems to grow in leaps and bounds every day as I feel them squirm and kick almost non-stop now. And I find myself having really funny conversations with my left twin kicks really, really hard, so every time he does it I always say, "Good job, buddy! That was a good one!" Isn't that silly? Seth catches me and says, "Are you talking to the boys?!" He thinks it's so cute.

On Thursday we go back to our doctor for further testing to find out why our right twin has waaaaaay too much amniotic fluid. We're praying that the problem has just gone away in the last two weeks, but if it hasn't then I'll be tested for gestational diabetes. Considering having twins puts you at a much higher risk for g.d. and throwing in the fact that diabetes is rampant in my family, I'm guessing (hoping--because I cannot even let myself consider that it could be something wrong with him!!!) that is the problem. Please send good vibes our way!


  1. Welldone!!! Today I reached 20 weeks :) first child...I am still as of yet to put anythign about it on my blog. But I am soo happy for look great and I cannot believe you have twins - double lucky :)


  2. Oodles upon oodles of good luck / well wishing being sent to you.... keep us posted and keep talking to this little boys of yours! I remember singing to my little brother when he was in my mom's tummy :) You look so gorgeous! Loving that jacket and your jewelry!! xoxo

  3. Sending very healthy vibes your way. Please let us know how it turns out. And you might not be enjoying the experience but you ARE glowing in that picture!


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