Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Monday: Maternity Bathing Suit

You know how terrifying picking out a bathing suit is when you are your normal size and physique? Okay, now imagine the horror of putting on a bathing suit in the last trimester of a twins pregnancy. Welcome to my world, ladies!!!

With Memorial Day rapidly approaching, I'm realizing I can no longer avoid the reality that I must bite the bullet and buy a maternity swimsuit. When my bff, Nicole, was pregnant last year, she bought a suit from A Pea in the Pod. It was adorable, but frankly, I just don't want to spend that much. So I'm considering this paisley number from Old Navy because one of my favorite bikinis of all time actually came from there about eight years ago. It was super, super flattering, so I'm holding out hope that ON's maternity swimwear will be the same!

1 comment:

  1. I love Old Navy! Whenever I'm in the States I stock up on their basics. This swimsuit looks great: I hope it worked out for you! I can only imagine the double-horror of pregnancy swimwear shopping!


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