Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belly Update: 25 weeks

I almost look non-prego here, don't I? Is there a belly in that dress...?

...oh yeah...there it is!

They're ridin' low and heavy!

Jacket: Vintage (previously seen here)
Dress: Liz Lange Maternity
Shoes: BCBG
Jewelry: Mix of vintage, Stella & Dot, gifts from hubby, and Banana Republic
Umbrella: Burberry (a very nice gift from a former coworker!!!)

My 25th week is up today!!! I don't feel like the size of my belly has grown too much in the last few weeks, but it's definitely gotten a lot heavier and more cumbersome. Two weeks ago the twins were weighing in at 1.5 lbs (baby A...aka 'Lefty') and 1.75 lbs (baby B...aka 'Righty') respectively. We have another appointment tomorrow, so I'll be curious to see how big they are. I think they must be getting really strong because their movements and kicks are just unbelievable now. My entire belly undulates and sometimes they kick so hard that it startles me! Honestly, feeling them move is the best part of being pregnant. And as I get closer to my due date, it's becoming harder and harder to wrap my mind around the fact that there are two little people inside of me!

In other baby news...it's been over a week since I've had to take a nausea pill, and I'm eating more foods all the time. It still feels really exciting to feel hungry and actually want to eat after so many months of feeling so sick! We also finished our HypnoBirthing class on Monday night, so now I'm even more jazzed to birth these guys naturally. I also got a recommendation on a really great doula, so I'm getting in touch with her this week to see if she is available to work with us.

Next up: TACKLING THE NURSERY!!! Stay tuned....


  1. You look so gorgeous and adorable!!! Very happy to hear how you are doing and that you are feeling less sick. Also - hooray for you for going the natural route!! I always think it's so odd the way we have "normalized" births with tons of drugs and an attitude of it being a fearful, "get it over now!" event.... I honestly can't bite my tongue when I've heard freinds say they are not breastfeeding because it's "too weird" or "too hard", etc. WHAT!? The birth and breastfeeding is such an important part of bonding with that new little person! Awaiting more belly pics..... and the cute maternity ouitfits too!

  2. Rebekah, congratulations! I have been such a bad blogger lately. Wow, this is so exciting! I am truly THRILLED for you and glad to know you are doing so well. :)

    Much love,

  3. You look amazing! Keep up the great work, momma!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! You look great. Glad to hear it's all going so well! How exciting! They're strong and growing, and so are you!


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