Monday, March 22, 2010

Favorite jacket, maternity-style

Starting to put together a maternity wardrobe has been a fun challenge for me. I'll be the first to admit that my regular wardrobe is way too large, so the idea of building a small, well-edited selection of clothes--on a teeny budget--seemed like an interesting way to start transitioning my shopping mindset from a dressier "work" wardrobe to more casual, versatile "mom" clothes.

I really have a jacket fetish (along with my shoe, belt, bracelet, and scarf fetishes...) so one thing that has helped to sass up some of the very basic maternity pieces I've purchased so far is that most of my spring jackets still fit (although they may not close!). For the last three years one of my most favorite jackets is one I scored during my brief stint working for The Carlisle Collection. It's the softest tan twill, edged in buttery pewter leather. If any piece of clothing expresses my style perfectly, it's this jacket--kinda classic, kinda edgy.

Here are two ways I've recently styled it up:

Heathered gray jersey dress, Old Navy Maternity
Gray tights, Target
Gray suede booties, Newport News
Silver Gilda hoop earrings (hidden by my hair), Stella & Dot
Hammered silver owl necklace, gift from bff Rach from her trip to South America (thanks, Rach!!!)

(For those of you who don't know, I'm 5'11", so this picture totally cracks me up because my legs look sooooo short. Apparently the Fug Girls are right: longish top + short pants = stumpy!)

Taupe jersey studded-waist top, Liz Lange Maternity

Skinny black ankle pants, Old Navy Maternity
Black suede flats, Sigerson Morrison for Target
Smokey quartz earrings and necklace, Tracy Matthews Designs
Smokey quartz ring, Judith Ripka (gift from my mommy)


  1. Love this jacket and ladyyy you sure you make maternity wear look chic! (also, it looks like all that snow has melted - crazy!)

  2. thanks so much, ladies!!!

    yes, elle, believe it or not these pix were only taken one week apart! the snow disappeared in a matter of days (thankfully!!!).


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