Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is the 9th birthday of someone very, very special: my sweet, sweet Zelda. She's the best buddy a girl could ask for and truly my canine soul mate. Since I got pregnant, we've gotten even closer than ever; she's been my constant companion and protector, even following me into the bathroom when I was sick just to make sure I was okay. And now that we'll be totally outnumbered at home (that's right--we found out yesterday that the twins are both boys!!!), something tells me we'll be even closer...something tells me it's going to take both of us to keep those boys in line!

Happy weekending, ladies! Zelda and I are off to PA to stay with my parents while the hubby heads to Baltimore for his favorite day of the year, his fantasy baseball draft (do your significant others play fantasy sports? Is there something I'm missing about its awesomeness?). My mom is making her amazing clam chowder tonight for dinner--can't wait! It's one of my guilty pleasure foods...even after becoming a vegetarian, I never gave it up. It's just too good!!! Maybe I'll try to get the recipe out of her and share it next week!



  1. Yeah I totally don't get the fantasy teams. Happy Birthday Zelda! :)

  2. Oh boy! Oh boy! Happy birthday to Zelda! Forget a man's best friend - I pity the fool who tries to separate my dog and I!

    Have fun in PA! Anywhere near SC?

  3. Aww happy bday to Zelda! And 2 boys - that's awesome!

  4. Aw, I would LOVE to have a dog! Zelda is absolutely adorable!

  5. oh yay! Happy birthday to Zelda!

    Robin should take up a fantasy sport...he needs something to occupy him during my blogging time!! :)


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