Monday, March 22, 2010

Belly Update

First off, thanks so much for the warm welcome back last week, ladies!!! I missed blogging so much while I was sick and am slowly catching up on everything you were up to while I was away. I promise that Shell is not exclusively going to become a pregnancy blog, but it is obviously a huge part of what's going on with our life right now, so you'll be hearing a lot about it. Hopefully, you'll find it interesting!!!

Anyhoo...remember back in January when my belly looked like that, up there? The irony is, I really felt like I had a big belly! At that point, I had gained about 10 pounds from the fertility drugs, so I was definitely feeling a lot thicker and more bloated than usual. Of course little did I know what was to come...

...because here I am last week!!! Big difference between 5 weeks and 17 weeks, eh? I keep joking with my bff that I think my belly is bigger now than her's was at a full 40 weeks, but I have to keep in mind that there are TWO babies in there!!! Honestly, so far I think having a belly is pretty cute, but I'd be lieing if I didn't admit that I am scared about how enormous I'll be at the end if I am this big already.

I signed up for these weekly pregnancy e-mails from WebMD and the American Pregnancy Association, and for the most part they are kind of worthless, but it is nice to get the messages each Monday if only because it helps to keep in perspective all the craziness your body is experiencing. For example, today's messages told me the babies are each around 6" in length, which means I have almost of a foot of babies inside me. How crazy is that?!

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