Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Bells

Today we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. My how time flies!

I know everyone's wedding day is always exciting, but ours was doubly so because we had spent the previous three years living four hours apart. Having our relationship survive that expanse of time and physical space made us realize how much we loved each other and wanted to wake up in the same place every day for the rest of our lives. I spent the first several months of our married life in this surreal state where I would drive to Seth's office at lunch to see him--just because I could (ok...8 years later I actually still do this sometimes)!!!--and almost every night would say, as we climbed into bed, "It's kind of like having a sleepover, isn't it?!?!"

I have felt incredibly blessed to have Seth in my life--from the moment we met 15 years ago, but the heartaches and joys of the last year have made me feel even more so. He is the kindest, most patient man I know--on top of a million other wonderful attributes. I have always said, "I hope when we have kids we have boys because more men should be like Seth," so I cannot tell you how thrilled I am on our 8th anniversary to be carrying his twin sons.

I had wanted to share more of our wedding pictures, but our computer got a virus over the weekend, so this shot is one of the few good ones I could pull off of Shutterfly. Looking at our wedding pictures is strange for me because my dress, hair, make-up, etc., are not at all what I would do now, but they seemed right at the time. Anyone else feel that way?

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  1. I like your look, from what I can see! Congratulations, such a sweet post!


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