Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Walcott, Mystic Seaport is that way...

Mom and I all ready for the NKOTB concert at Foxwood's (I know...we have a major problem!)

Charles W. Morgan restoration project at Mystic Seaport

I climbed 4 flights of stairs to get on the Morgan...I was determined!

Deck prism


My dad at his happiest...ok...actually he'd be happier if he were sailing on that little Beetle Cat in the background.

Steamboat ride

The hubby, playing in the tugboat exhibit.

Getting worn out...and tired of having my picture taken!

Watch Hill, RI...our favorite place to vacation. (The new Ocean House in the background--we WILL stay there one day...just not this summer thanks to the twins!)

I stalk this house in Watch's my favorite house in the whole world... I literally dream about it!

When we miraculously wake up one day and are independently wealthy, the first thing I'm doing is buying this house!

Gotta love the salt spray roses!

Sigh...highlights from our trip two weekends ago. I want to go back!!!


  1. You look so, so gorgeous! All baby (well, babies)! I love that you and your mother went to NKOTB. I could totally see myself and my mom doing the same thing! Too cute!

    Oh, and your comment regarding Seth looking like Trev on Daria....I can TOTALLY see it!


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