Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The redbuds are blooming! The redbuds are blooming!

There are two things I eagerly anticipate every spring: the blooming of both the forsythias and the redbuds. The forsythias all popped out two weekends ago when we had three or four days of 80 degree weather, but yesterday was the first I noticed the redbuds just starting to peek through. They are such a sweet, delicate tree, and the vibrant magenta blossoms make a striking contrast to all that chartreuse spring growth exploding everywhere.

Several people in our neighborhood have redbuds, and I conspicuously slow down when I drive by to oogle their lovely foliage. Since that always makes me feel a bit stalker-ish, over the weekend I gave my boys--and their dad--a big hint that next year, for my first Mother's Day (how crazy is that???), a redbud sapling would make a wonderful gift!

(via BillCPhotos)


  1. Aw. How lovely. I'm like that with cherry trees: I love the blossoms but when they're in full fruit there's a tree a few roads down that I like to visit. :) It's always LADEN with fruit, I don't know why the birds don't get it!


  2. Pretty! Spring is definitely my most favorite season :)

  3. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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